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Bhavesh Kumar

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Raj Mamodia, as CEO of Brillio is on a mission to create a new kind of IT consulting and services company. With technology disrupting every industry and challenging traditional business models, innovation is top on every CEO agenda. However, innovation in a vacuum may be interesting but it’s not going to drive business success. Therefore, Raj has organized Brillio around a single mission – to help customer grow. He leads the organization’s mission by investing in new ideas and technologies, the knowledge and ability of his people, and a strong partner ecosystem to create viable solutions that drive business results for each and every customer.

Raj is a leader with deep expertise in developing strong client relationships and he is inspiring the Brillio team to disrupt traditional IT services company thinking and focus on contextual innovation for each customer. By drawing on his passion for building outstanding account teams and bringing a disciplined focus on operations and execution, his vision is becoming reality. He focuses on strategy, leadership, innovation, and customers. He is Brillio’s primary decision and policymaker, setting the tone for the company’s values, ethics and culture.

Raj has a long history of rapid success in leadership roles in the IT services industry.